There will most certainly be plenty of rewards to being equipped to do exercises at home as compared to cruising to a public gym. You can evade the ongoing membership fees, you can skip traveling to the fitness center, you don’t need to wait in line to use your favorite gear, and you don’t need to concern yourself with what time it is. For this reason many people eventually purchase a Bowflex home gym.

There’s also the issue of privacy, especially if you’re just starting out or working on your self-confidence. Quickly calculate the number of months it will take for your Bowflex home gym to pay for itself based on expense of a public gym membership you’ll no longer require. You can also finance that bill in favor of monthly payments, yet still, the charges will come to an end far sooner than the functional life of the Bowflex will!

The Bowflex gym may well look a little peculiar at first look close up. The device looks light with no black iron discs on it and it’s hard to tell exactly where that famous “powerful resistance” is going to come from. Those slim-looking power rods do not appear very intimidating when they’re not being used.

Bowflex gym

There have been a series of demonstrations where seasoned weight lifters experimented with working out on the Bowflex product with its bendable rubber rods. If you’ve looked at these televised demos or online videos you will remember that some of the athletes themselves were definitely surprised at just how challenging it had been to perform bench presses or curls against the resistance of those fragile looking power rods.

The amount of resistance can be adjusted from a low of five pounds to a high of 410 pounds on the PR3000, 210 pounds on the PR1000. If that does not sound like a lot of weight to you then you must be a proficient body builder with considerable muscle mass. Either that or possibly you might be from a different planet.

Either way, it’s possible the Bowflex is not the best home gym equipment for you. For the majority of us, however, 410 pounds should seem about as simple and easy to conquer as picking up a small car. Even 210 pounds ought to seem like a lot unless you are currently in very good shape from some kind of strength training regimen.

Even rather massive bodybuilders don’t routinely lift four hundred pounds on more than just a small number of exercises. These will likely involve the legs, maybe pecs and back, the body’s biggest muscles.

The world record for a single bench press without the use of bench shirts or other specialized equipment is 715 pounds. The only people I’ve ever seen bench 400 pounds for a set of 8 reps had massive chests in addition to well developed arms and shoulders. These guys can’t squeeze into standard clothes.

The world record for a leg press is purportedly more than two thousand pounds, more than a ton, but that is for just one. Even a professional bodybuilder undertaking sets of 10 leg presses won’t likely go over 700 pounds by much, and in the same context a 400 pound squat for 10 repetitions is pretty awesome “I don’t care who you are”.

So, for anyone who is hunting specifically for a machine enabling you to do leg presses with greater than 410 pounds, look somewhere else, the Bowflex is not your answer.

So, in my opinion “can you get to look like the Bowflex models with the equipment for twenty minutes per day 3 days weekly?” To put it simply — no. twenty or so minutes daily 3 times a week might be a great place to start if you are just graduating from from couch sitting but it won’t make you looking like a fitness model any time in the near future.

Exercising just three times weekly can easily deliver good results if you’re doing a full hour of training each time. Hence that’s about three hours of strength training a week, not one.

fitness model

In my opinion, that’s what you will need to bring about “a transformation” in your health and fitness and shape. It normally would need this much time no matter what kind of strength training you employ, whether dumbbells or the Bowflex or something else.

Now you have additional understanding of why the Bowflex is now such a widely used home gym.

Do you want an excellent home gym that can take you from where you’re at to where you want to be with convenience, privacy and with only one product?

If so, take a serious look at the Bowflex PR1000. The PR3000 is also worth a look if you’re serious about major muscle bulk or you’ve been lifting weights for a while. Get major discounts, free shipping and exceptional service on both models at