An increasing number of men reportedly experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Serious underlying health conditions can sometimes be the cause. It is important for any man who experiences more than the occasional issue with sexual dysfunction to seek help from a qualified physician.

There are also psychological factors that can be at fault, in which case you should look into ways to better manage your stress, treat your anxiety, get screened for depression, or learn existing techniques to rid yourself of performance anxiety. A mental health professional may be of the most benefit to you. Still, there are plenty of natural ways, including lifestyle changes, one can make to improve erections and therefore one’s sex life, not to mention overall health. Erectile ability is actually said to be an indicator of a man’s overall health status.

For psychological concerns, breathing techniques can help. Breathe in for two seconds, holding for four and breathing out again for two. This will relax your body and mind. The technique can help stop the fight-or-flight response we feel when we have performance anxiety, leading to psychologically rooted ED. Then refocusing the mind on the present moment and enjoying it with all your senses, should have you relaxed and ready to go.

Nutrition can definitely help improve erections. Increase your intake of nutrients that help boost blood flow or testosterone. Quercetin is one such nutrient that facilitates blood flow. Found naturally in parsley and onions, Quercetin inhibits an enzyme called endothelin-1, which restricts blood vessels. It also increases nitric oxide in the body, helping enhance erectile function. Why not add onions and parsley to your daily diet?Green tea is a great source of catechins. These compounds increase vein flexibility, lower blood pressure and increase nitric oxide production. Dietitians say you can consume four to six cups a day for maximum benefit.

Exercise is a great way to improve blood flow, decrease fatty deposits which trap testosterone, and ramp up the production of male hormones. Cardiovascular exercise is important, but studies have shown that strength training can also increase one’s testosterone level.

There are lots of herbal remedies for male sexual enhancement. Ingredients to look for are gingko biloba, tribulus, l-arginine, long jack, damiana or muira pauma. Most of them can be found in male enhancement supplement Max Performer. Be sure to talk with your doctor or pharmacist about what medications you are already on and if any of these supplements might interact with them. Simple changes in one’s lifestyle can have dramatic results for overall health and bedroom performance.