Privacy Policy

We take our readers’ privacy very seriously. We are committed to protecting it. We understand that many of our readers entrust us with their contact information, and we never sell or give away that information.


While our websites use “cookies,” we do not link them to any personally identifiable information. This information is used to enhance the quality of the newsletter sign-up process and to provide general statistics regarding use of the web sites. If you choose to not have your browser accept cookies, you will still be able to view the majority of our sites.

Email Publications

As part of the subscription process for our email publications, we collect basic information such as your name, email address, company, and job function. We never sell or give away this information. However, we do occasionally send reader surveys and other special notes from the publisher. We also send regular email promotions from our sponsors. These special promotions allow us to provide you the newsletters free of charge. In sending them, we do everything we can to respect your privacy and time:

  • We carefully screen every email promotion for relevance;
  • We typically send no more than one extra email per week;
  • We clearly mark the emails as from Fierce Practice Management;
  • We always include unsubscribe information; and
  • We never sell or give reader information to the advertiser (these promotions are sent through our system, not theirs).

We also rent our postal mailing list from time to time, albeit rarely. In doing so, we carefully screen each mailing; we use trusted (“bonded”) third-party mailing agencies; and we never give reader contact details directly to the advertiser.

Events & Webinars

We typically collect user-supplied information during the registration process for our events and webinars. This information is used for communication and logistical purposes, and to provide a tailored and customized events.

Event and webinar registration information may be shared with our event sponsors and co-hosts. (Information may be both given and received.) These outside sponsors will use the information according to their own privacy policies. Please read those policies and be aware of their privacy practices before registering.

Whitepaper and other Third Party Content

Fierce Practice Management frequently promotes content developed by Third Party Content providers. Examples of this type of content include, but are not limited to, whitepapers and analyst research reports. This information is either hosted on a Fierce Practice Management website or hosted entirely on a Third Party content providers site.

The third party partners provide this content through Fierce Practice Management in return for receiving the personally identifiable contact information of users who view their content. If you choose to view third party content, Fierce Practice Management may disclose your personal data to the third parties. If you do not want this information disclosed to a Content Provider, do not view the Third Party Content. The third party’s use of that personal information is governed by the partner’s privacy policy, and not by this Privacy Policy.

Additional Notes

Our websites and publications contain links to outside websites. We can not verify or vouch for the privacy policies of these sites.
For events and services that require payment, we collect credit card information which is used for our billing purposes only and is not otherwise shared.

Finally, the online world is changing rapidly. Fierce Practice Management may need to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant material changes in how we use your personal information, we’ll notify you via email. The current privacy policy will always be located on We encourage you to review it regularly.

If you have any privacy questions or concerns, please contact Maurice Bakley, the company president. We take these matters seriously.