So you’ve begun to integrate a yoga practice into your routine just in time for the holidays. What is the best way to make it stick past the New Year? In this case, your diet can be your best friend. With these easy diet tips for an effective yoga practice, you will be enjoying food that will help you on your way to finding nirvana.

Most important, drink plenty of water. Forgetting to drink enough water throughout the day is easy to do with our hectic schedules. Bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go and enjoy feeling refreshed. Not drinking enough water can result in headaches, nervousness and tension and low blood pressure.

If you are joining hot yoga classes where the temperature in the workout room is above 85┬░Fahrenheit, allow yourself time before the class for drinking water. Once, during a hot yoga class in San Diego, California, I suffered a stomach cramp that left me lurching for over an hour in the locker room. I ended up missing the whole class!

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Eat vegetarian. Yes, it may seem like a huge sacrifice asking you to stop eating dead, stinking, rotten carcasses. If you are looking for more information on going veg? Two words: Skinny Bitch. Look for this book in your neighborhood independent bookstore, it is a hilarious read.

Okay, so this may cause a few whines and whimpers. Be assured there is plenty of science and simple common sense to back going vegetarian. You will have more energy throughout your day. This means more power in your yoga routines, better meditation, and clearer thinking at work.

The reason is that it takes longer to digest a meat-based diet when compared to a vegetarian diet. In the Bombay Hospital Journal, Dr. O.P. Kapoor states that a vegetarian diet usually contains less fat. The presence of more fat in the diet delays digestion time. All that extra energy which would have normally been taken up in digestion can be freed up for more productive activities.

A study which concluded this spring found that Americans who ate about four ounces of beef or pork each day over ten years have a higher chance of mortality due to cancer and heart disease. For men, the average was a 22 percent higher rate of cancer and a 27 percent higher rate of heart disease. For women there was a 20 percent.
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Higher rate of cancer and a 50 percent higher incidence of heart disease than those who consumed an ounce or less of meat daily. The medical study was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in March 2009.

Eating less food at each meal will also increase your energy level throughout the day. According to Anand Rajendran, a teacher of the Art of Living Foundation, the amount of food which fits in the palms of your hands when placed together, is the right amount. Completing your meal when you sense that you are about 70 percent full is comfortable enough to avoid overeating. For more information about health tips for more energy, visit