As a child growing up my parents were always into home remedies instead of taking their kids to the doctors. They didn’t have much belief in the traditional practice of medical doctors. I never even went to the doctors until I was an adult and moved out of the house.

I was born in a house in Independence, MO and was delivered by a mid wife. This mid wife, Dr. Watson was a strong believer in home remedies as well. She introduced my parents to a very original and amazing home remedy.

When I was about 6 years old I came down with a horrible flu. My stomach was so upset and I was throwing up like crazy. I was running a fever of 103 and had been up all night. My Dad had tended to me putting a wet wash cloth on my head, getting me water and holding my hair while I hung my head over the toilet. I was absolutely miserable.

The next morning I still wasn’t feeling well so he decided to call Dr. Watson. She had informed him that eating canned blackberries would help flush the bad toxins out of my system. At the time I didn’t really care what I would be eating and how it would taste, I just wanted to feel better. All night being sick was not fun at all especially since I was awake most of the night.

My Dad took a trip and traveled to the local market. We lived in the country so it took him about 25 minutes to get there and 25 minutes to get back. It seemed like forever, but I had faith that if my Dad believed the blackberries would work then they would!


After he returned he opened the can of blackberries and sit in front of me with the bowl and spoon. I smelled the bowl of berries and they didn’t smell bad, I took a bit and they were actually kind of good! I ate the entire can within about 5 minutes. After about 45 minutes I went to the bathroom and through up once more.

All of the blackberries came up and I thought it must not have worked. Within 1 hour of eating the can of blackberries it was like I wasn’t ever even sick! My stomach no longer hurt and I felt refreshed a bit. Still tired from being up all night long I took a nap and when I awoke I was %100.

After using this home remedy a couple times growing up as a child I decided as an adult one day when I got sick and my stomach was upset to try it once more. I really didn’t know if it would work like it did when I was a child. Maybe because my Dad told me it would work, it was just in my head.

After being sick one night all night long I had my husband run to the store, which thankfully I lived in the city and the grocery store was write up the road. He was back within 10 minutes with 3 cans of blackberries. I ate 1 entire can and again within 45 minutes was feeling much better!

After having these experiences and even as an adult seeing and feeling the berries work I have since then vowed to eat blackberries and give them to my child when we are sick. And every time I have used the berries as a home remedy they have worked. I would suggest this home remedy to any mother as well as anyone with a stomach ache.

After writing this article I decided to do some research on the subject and found that I am not the only one who has used some sort of blackberries to cure stomach problems. I have provided a link for a very interesting article.