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Latest Headlines

What payers learned during first open enrollment

Now that the dust has settled a bit, how did insurers handle the first open enrollment and how are they responding to new health insurance exchange enrollees?

3 steps to reduce hospitals' environmental impact

Hospitals could save billions by reducing their environmental impact,   acc ording to   Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Daily.

Cyber attack simulation exposes need for better collaboration, preparedness

The planned cyber attack simulation CyberRX revealed a need for healthcare organizations to better engage their stakeholders in their preparedness plans and to be more open about best practices to help the industry as a whole improve.

Privacy, security constant themes in DeSalvo's 2014 agenda

What's vital for 2014 on National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo's agenda? Privacy and security, she said in a recent interview.

Hospitals on alert after FTC's St. Luke's intervention

The Federal Trade Commission's intervention in a deal between a hospital and medical group in Idaho may give other providers pause as they pursue consolidations, the Washington Post reported.

Deadline to create state-run exchanges approaches

More than 30 states are facing a deadline to decide if they will create their own state-run healthcare exchanges, reports the Associated Press.

Time for NAIC to step up its game?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners should transition from an association of state insurance commissioners to an organization that has the power and authority to represent states, says a former NAIC exec.

Heartbleed prompts password changes

After news broke earlier this month concerning the Heartbleed Internet security bug, White House senior administration officials are urging enrollees on to change their passwords, reports the Associated Press.

Nurse stabbings raise questions on hospital violence

Violence against workers continues to plague U.S. hospitals, with two separate stabbings injuring two nurses in Los Angeles, one of them critically.

More hospitals provide self-insurance plans

Many hospitals are adopting self-insurance plans, hoping to offer competitive pricing to small business owners, reports Fox Business. By creating personal insurance products, hospitals can offset the costs of rising premiums.