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Latest Headlines

How solid is your practice's relationship foundation?

MGMA15: Krista Hirschmann, Ph.D., on the importnace of team building, improving patient-provider communication.  

How pharmacists can promote preventive, value-based care

In light of new findings about the slow progression to value-based care models, organizations may want to give pharmacists a role in the transition to speed up the process, according to  The Hill.

What hospitals must know about getting into the payer game

Amid an era of "merger-mania" among major U.S. health payers, many hospitals and health systems want to get into the payer business themselves to prevent the consolidations from having a negative impact on their local markets, according to Reuters.  

N.J. senators ask FTC to investigate Horizon's controversial tiered network

Controversy continues to swirl over Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's choice of preferred hospitals included in its new tiered-network plan. Two Democratic state senators, Nia Gill and Joseph Vitale, have asked the Federal Trade Commission to examine the plans' legality.

Population health: Physician engagement is the lynchpin to success

Despite a bumpy and ongoing transition, the healthcare industry has reached a tipping point when it comes to embracing population health and value-based care, according to presenters at this year's Medical Group Management Association conference in Nashville.

Should hospitals consider an exchange where they can trade charity care credits?

The debate about a hospitals' obligation to charity care has been a fairly intense issue for years now, particularly as medical costs have been the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. and...

Missouri sues feds over disproportionate share hospitals spat

The state of Missouri is suing the federal government to block it from recouping $162 million in disproportionate share hospital payments, the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch  reported.

U.S. still spends more than any other country on healthcare

The United States continues to lead the developed world in per-capita healthcare expenditures while trailing other countries in results, according to a new study by the Commonwealth Fund.

3 ways to cut costs like the Cleveland Clinic

Michael O'Connell, vice president of clinical and support services at the Cleveland Clinic, Marymount Hospital, offered 30 cost-saving ideas to attendees of this year's Medical Group Management Association conference. We list three of them. 

VA scandal: Amid budget woes, facilities spent $6.3M on art installations

Amid continual news of slow progress in reforming the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs, critics are scrutinizing the department's spending on artwork on hospital campuses, The Washington Post reports.