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Latest Headlines

Risk calculators aid shared decision-making

Making a major medical decision is challenging for patients, with an increasingly complex list of factors to weigh, including everything from quality of life to financial expense. And while this process is highly influenced by  patients' emotions, new tools for physicians can use data to fairly accurately weigh the risks and benefits of many treatments and procedures.

Direct-pay practice: Ensure patients know financial risks

Although  direct-p ay  primary care is now more affordable to the masses, many patients remain at financial risk should they need specialty or hospital care not covered by practice membership fees, according to an  articl e  from  KHI News Service.

Communication tips for introverted vs. extroverted patients

In almost every practice, there are some patients physicians may find difficult to manage.  But just as the ways these challenges manifest themselves differ from patient to patient--such as through noncompliance with instructions, constant phone calls or rude demeanor--the personality traits that drive these behaviors vary by person as well.   

4 tips to tackle cold and flu season

Cold and  fl u  season can make for a lot of extra work for practices, but by planning ahead, your office can take care of patients' seasonal needs more efficiently and with less stress. 

Patients lack full understanding of their care

Care quality and patient satisfaction do not necessarily correlate, according to a new study published in  JAMA Internal Medicine.

More docs seek satisfaction with new models, survey finds

Physicians, frustrated with the higher burden and lower payoff (financial and emotional) of practicing medicine in the United States, seek to take control and make changes to increase their professional satisfaction, according to the latest snapshot provided by  Physicians Practice's  fifth annual Great American Physician Survey.

More practices offer patient portals, but many patients don't know about them

Although more primary care physicians have patient portal systems, many patients don't know about them, according to a survey by TechnologyAdvice. 

Customer service: Small gestures can make big impact

Often when we talk about customer service and patient satisfaction, we focus on high-level issues, such as overall politeness of staff and convenient parking. But while these elements certainly matter to patients, seemingly small gestures can also impact patients' impression of your practice.

CMS to compensate docs' care coordination for chronically ill

Amid evidence that better care-coordination means improved outcomes, and fewer mistakes and costly hospitalizations, the Obama administration issued a policy change whereby the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Sericies will pay physicians a monthly fee to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions, the  New York Times  reported.

Most docs support medical marijuana, but need training

As the legalization of medical marijuana expands, most U.S. physicians agree it has clinical benefits, but want more information on the medical science of cannabis and how it may help their patients, according to a survey of 1,544 doctors from  WebMD  and  Medscape.