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Latest Headlines

Is your physician practice reliable? (Hint: It's a yes or no question)

Of all of the qualities that are important to me with a medical office, an employer or a friend, reliability (and its cousin, trustworthiness) rank near the top. But while most people understand the " Boy Who Cried Wolf "  concept as it pertains to honesty, individuals and organizations often underrate consistency as a prerequisite to reliability.

CMS promises to overhaul Open Payments database

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has vowed to learn from the mistakes it made in its first round of publishing data about financial relationships between providers and healthcare manufacturing companies to improve the fairness and accuracy of information in its next round of disclosures,    Law360  repo rted.

4 online healthcare marketing mistakes and how to fix them

While the nuances of online marketing can be complicated and sometimes require outside expertise, practices can correct many common mistakes themselves.   

How to quantify the value of annual physicals?

As the days of Marcus Welby-style healthcare fade further into the past, so too should the 100-year-old practice of conducting the annual physical, wrote oncologist and health policy expert Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D., Ph.D., in a col umn  for the  New York Times. The argument against this yearly visit for most patients is not new, and is based on data showing that checkups don't help patients live any longer.  A newer twist on this established debate, however, has to do with cost.

Despite controversy, Sunshine Act backers look to expand law's reach

Requiring healthcare providers to disclose their financial relationships with healthcare manufacturing companies has been a step in the right direction for transparency, but the information has to cover more types of providers and be put in better context in order to improve the quality of care and stem spiraling healthcare costs.  

Consumer Reports releases latest round of patient feedback

Consumer Reports  has released its latest round of ratings for physician offices, this time using survey response data from more than 52,000 patients throughout California to rate practices on how well they communicate with patients, offer timely care and service, coordinate patient care, help patients stay healthy and provide helpful office staff.  

One-third of physicians would consider government practice jobs

Despite recent controversies surrounding wait time and staffing issues among hospitals run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a significant minority of physicians (36 percent) surveyed by the Medicus Firm said they would be "very likely" to consider a government-employed practice opportunity.

How far should practices go to prevent the spread of germs?

With flu season well under way and the Ebola crisis unresolved, practices need a plan to make sure patients don't leave their offices with more illnesses than with which they arrived.

5 physician practice predictions for 2015

Making predictions is an inexact science. But a good starting point comes from something my dad used to say: The best way to gauge what the weather is going to be like tomorrow is to look out the window today. Statistically, he'd go on to explain, climate changes happen far less frequently than simply seeing more of the same. This notion applies strongly when attempting to forecast what's in store for physician practices in 2015

The business case for better listening

​ Despite the crunch on physicians' face time with patients, more astute listening may be key to better, more cost-efficient care. Examples of scenarios in which missing pieces of a patient's story has led to misdiagnosis (the leading cause of malpr actice cases) and inappropriate treatment (a leading money waster) abound.