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Latest Headlines

Study examines pros and cons of online health info

Online health information is driving change in the ways patients interact with their doctors, producing both positive and negative results, according to an article at the  Journal of Medical Internet Research. 

AMA calls for more accountability on 'media doctors'

Information provided by doctors in the media has contributed to some difficult conversations with patients, according to Benjamin Mazer, a third-year student at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York.

More secure-messaging systems needed to meet patient demand

Patient demand for easy electronic access to their healthcare providers continues to rise, but practices have more work to do in adopting communications technologies and engaging people in using them.

How not to talk to patients about obesity

Despite the prevalence of overweight and weight-related disease in the United States, "most healthcare providers recoil when they think about counseling patients about obesity," according to Scott Kahan, M.D., medical director of the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Obesity Alliance.

Quest for compliance: 3 ways practices can help patients do the right thing

I could have dreamt it, but am nearly positive I could hear the surgical team chatting for a few moments of my 90-minute wrist surgery earlier this year. I had a nerve block preventing any feeling...

More health systems ready to flaunt, not hide, online reviews

Online reviews play an expanding role in how patients choose healthcare providers, a trend that makes many physicians uneasy for various reasons. Particularly troubling is how one or two negative comments about a physician or practice with a low number of reviews can easily skew results.

3 ways to better accommodate overweight patients

Going to the doctor's office can be a stressful experience for patients who are overweight, thus compromising the physician-patient relationship and increasing the odds that heavy patients will avoid the very care that could help address or prevent weight-related disease.

How integrated technology can drive private practice success

Over the past few years, there are few trends that have affected the world of practice management more than hospital employment. The numbers are substantial, with some reports predicting that up to...

3 common accounts receivable mistakes and how to fix them

Managing accounts receivable (AR) is a crucial part of your practice's profitability. However, you may not be as on top of this task as you think. A recent article from Medical Economics highlighted three common AR mistakes and how to correct them:

Cultural insights improve healthcare for diverse patients

When physicians and patients have a common cultural background, patients are more likely to understand the medical information they're given and to truly engage in their care.