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Latest Headlines

Beware of drowning patients in paperwork

When it comes to the amount of paperwork and red tape now involved in healthcare, patients don't like it any more than physicians do.

10 facts about female physicians

Almost always when we talk about physicians (within FiercePracticeManagement and in general), we mean the profession as a whole. Yet about one-third of the physicians in the United States are...

Tallying the cost of cancer care: Complicated but necessary

High-deductible health plans have driven up patients' financial responsibility for care across the board; but when it comes to cancer treatment involving astronomically expensive drugs, financial distress is devastating. Also referred to as 'financial toxicity,' this is a side effect many experts argue should become part of the doctor-patient conversation when determining a course of care.

Primary care model brings docs, specialists to the workplace, improves patient experience

Scott Shreeve, M.D., aims to transform primary care delivery with a streamlined approach that brings healthcare to the workplace.

Medical marijuana can be risky business for docs

Medical marijuana is now a legal treatment option in several parts of the country, but physicians who are certified to prescribe it need to make sure to follow the rules, which vary in particulars and enforcement by state.

New med school curriculums emphasize communication, teamwork

The University of Michigan Medical School is one of many schools around the country that has phased out the model used for the past century to make way for greater emphasis on skills such as teamwork and communication, according to an article from  Kaiser Health News.

Health coaches help practices win at chronic care, study shows

With primary care physicians under ever-increasing pressure to engage patients in proactively managing their own health, medical assistants trained as health coaches may offer a cost-effective approach that pleases patients and fellow clinicians alike, according to a study published in the  Annals of Family Medicine.

Why practices should welcome nonphysician provider expansion

Despite the controversy surrounding the expansion of the roles of advanced-practice registered nurses and nurse practitioners in many states, there are plenty of reasons to welcome this latest shift in the healthcare landscape, according to  Healthcare Finance.

Should physicians measure loneliness as a vital sign?

Elderly patients who suffer from chronic loneliness attend significantly more medical appointments than those who report a more secure sense of companionship, according to research published in the  American Journal of Public Health.  These findings suggest that chronic loneliness is a significant public health concern among elders.

How health IT can support patient-physician rapport

Physician practices run on tight schedules, and patients are feeling the crunch. According to a poll of 3,000 patients in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany conducted by voice-recognition software company Nuance Communications Inc., 40 percent of patients say they feel rushed during physician visits.