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Latest Headlines

Current ACA challenge: Understanding contracts

Only months into Affordable Care Act implementation, one of the biggest remaining challenges for physician practices is understanding contracts with new health exchange plans, noted consultant Mary Pat Whaley in a recent  Manage   My Practice  blog post.

3 health cost-of-care resources in the works

While health cost transparency advocates make progress in supporting the ethics of factoring patient costs into shared medical decision making, significant logistical challenges remain in putting the idea into practice, according to an article published in the  Boston Globe.

Hard outcomes data prove patient relationships matter

A new research review published in  Plos One  supports the idea that patient outcomes improve when their physicians receive training in communication techniques, such as motivational interviewing, shared decision-making, patient-centered care, empathic care or cultural competence.

'Traditional' practice gets more diverse

Facing more competition from retail and urgent care centers than ever, doctors increasingly offer more diverse services not typically found in the traditional private practice, from cosmetic procedures to urgent care, according to an article from the  News-Star.

What's the story? Branding Hurley Medical Center

Guest post by Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D., former marketing, branding and culture change senior vp at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Mich. I have had several requests to share my experiences as interim...

3 ways to maximize face time with patients

For many physicians, patient panels grow longer while visit lengths shrink. This reality not only causes serious physician stress, it also compromises the patient relationship and even lead physicians to miss important clues about their patients' health.

Docs who drop insurance take on big business risks

Like many physicians who switched to cash practice, brothers Jonathan Izbicki, D.O. and Harry Izbicki, D.O., experience a rosy view of life without insurance hassles,  U.S. News & World Report  reported.

5 tips to prevent unauthorized recordings in your office

Smartphones are everywhere, making audio and visual recording easier than ever, even on the sly. But not all in-office recordings are bad, noted a recent article in  Medical Economics. Here are five tips for developing and enforcing your policy to ensure recording only takes place when authorized and with written permission.

Mega-groups boast advantages of going big

Are you an entrepreneurial physician not sold entirely on the idea of solo practice or hospital employment? If so, you may want to consider another emerging option: the mega-group.  

Statewide patient experience data shows room for improvement

Many practices survey patients about their care experience, but a growing number of initiatives now make survey data public as a means of allowing health consumers to make comparisons