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Latest Headlines

Lessons from outside-the-box medical practices

When we hear the terms "doctor's office" or "medical practice," most of us probably picture rows of generically upholstered chairs, pastel-hued reception counters, exam...

4 social media trends your practice may have missed

Social media is the most important factor in managing your practice's brand today, according to a post from  Physicians Practice. But despite the multitude of benefits that practices have realized by having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites patients access every day, the "rules" for optimizing the tool are a moving target.

Doctor support is essential to patient weight loss

Obese patients who partner with their primary care physicians to lose weight achieve double the results of those who get their support elsewhere, according to a study from Johns Hopkins University published in  Patient Education & Counseling.

Career tips for both sides of the generational divide

For the first time in human history, workplaces now have five generations of employees working side-by-side. Columnists from  Inc. Magazine  offer advice for members of all generations to more effectively meet one another in the middle.

MGH teaches docs empathy to improve outcomes, reduce risk

The high-pressure environment of medical school may leave many doctors with less empathy than they had starting out, which can lead to uncomfortable encounters that actually exacerbate their symptoms.

Why adaptability must be part of your practice strategy

Much of this week's issue of FiercePracticeManagement focuses on evolution--of patients, healthcare organizations and the tools at their disposal--to adapt, re-strategize and update themselves...

How retail healthcare is driving practices to evolve

Retail-based healthcare is offering patients more options to address acute, and sometimes chronic, needs. Though walk-in clinics tend to excel in convenience, customer service and price transparency, experts worry that there could be medical consequences for patients who receive fragmented care from too many places.

Online review trends reveal doctors' service weak spots

While the majority of online reviews about physician practices are positive, patients who are unhappy with their experiences aren't shy about sharing it. Most types of healthcare providers earn an average of 4 out of 5 stars, according to a review of Yelp data from  ProPublica, but doctor offices got the most critical feedback, with an average rating of 3.6,  NPR  reported.

3 ways physicians can get patients on the same page

To ease the tension when interacting with demanding, noncompliant or otherwise challenging patients, consider these expert tips to make visits with these types of patients less trying.

3 alternatives to live medical interpreters

It's a priority for Sunrise Community Health in Northern Colorado, which serves a large Spanish-speaking population, to provide care for patients in the language they're most comfortable, as it is for other medical groups in the community, according to the Greeley Tribune.