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Latest Headlines

Opioid summit experts: Treat addiction as a chronic disease

Over the past few years I've written a great deal about the epidemic of opioid addiction, and a whole lot about providing care for chronic disease. But it wasn't until I attended a unique...

Aging population poses threats and opportunities to practices

The U.S. population is aging, making Medicare beneficiaries an increasingly prevalent part of practices' patient panels. This trend poses both challenges and opportunities for all medical providers.

Transgender patients need more access to competent, compassionate care

Routine aspects of medical care such as filling out forms and finding the restroom aren't so straightforward for patients who are transgender. Taking steps to make practices more lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)–friendly don't just make patients feel more welcome, but also could mean the difference between people getting or skipping needed care, according to a story from  NPR.

3 tips to plan your telemedicine strategy

Some of the payers with which you contract may urge patients to use various telemedicine services rather than visit your office. The first step in handling this reality is accepting that such sources of "virtual" competition are here to stay, Lucien W. Roberts, administrator of Gastrointestinal Specialists in Virginia, wrote in a recent post for  Physicians Practice.

Will convenience kill the doctor-patient relationship?

While innovations in healthcare have made getting basic services almost as easy as using an ATM, these trends haven't necessarily been positive for the physician-patient relationship, according to an article from  ABC News.

Physicians' role in addressing health risks of poverty

Poverty--defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a condition in which "a person or group of people lack human needs because they cannot afford them"--can pose myriad of challenges to a person's health. And with nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population meeting criteria to be considered "low income," physicians must take special care to support such patients in a way that improves health outcomes, according to a new position paper from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

What makes practicing medicine worth it?

Have you ever read an acquaintance's Facebook status at the end of a long, thankless day, and it sticks with you and makes you think for weeks afterward? Me neither. At least not usually. But...

4 ways to make Medicare's wellness codes work for your practice

The now three-year-old codes for Medicare's annual wellness visit "look good on paper, [but] they don't work out in practice," Paul Speckart, M.D., an internist in San Diego, recently told  MedPage Today.

The role of retail clinics in population health

Looking ahead, retail health clinics and patient centered medical homes will work in concert to help with population health and chronic disease management, Peter Goldbach, M.D., chief medical officer of RediClinic and Health Dialog, said in an interview with  HealthITAnalytics.

Patient trust, perception of teamwork drives practice loyalty

If you conduct regular patient surveys--as experts recommend--one of the most important metrics to watch is patients' likelihood of recommending your practice to others.