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Latest Headlines

Hospitals combat violence against workers

Angry patients and violence against healthcare workers plague hospitals across the country, as organizations try to defuse tension in a high-stakes environment.

The future of the health insurance industry

The future of the health insurance industry is, in many ways, a mystery. Insurers won't cease to exist, but they'll likely be providing health insurance in a different way than they do now,  wri tes  Wendell Potter, a senior analyst at The Center for Public Integrity.

Fridsma to leave ONC for AMIA

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT will lose its third official since July when current Office of the Chief Scientist head Doug Fridsma steps down at the end of October.

Lobbyists push for ACA to redefine the full-time work week

Major lobbyists push to alter the Affordable Care Act's definition of what constitutes a full-time work week, reports  The Hill.

Hospitals, government take on sepsis and other drug-resistant infections

Although sepsis mortality rates dropped over the past 20 years, there's more hospitals can do to help prevent the deadly infection. 

Employed physicians nervous about retirement, too

A desire for greater financial security is one of the top reasons physicians may leave private practice for hospital or large group practice employment. But a steady paycheck doesn't necessarily guarantee  employed phys icians  are comfortable with their long-term financial picture, according to a new  r eport  from AMA Insurance.

App certification a necessity, but a one-size-fits-all philosophy not the right path

Back in late March,  FierceMobileHealthcare  reported on a paper published by a trio of physician that focused on the need for mHealth app review and certification, stipulating the benefits and need given the increasing adoption, and increasing development, of mHealth apps.

Stakeholders debate best approach for mHealth app assessment, certification

The issue of mHealth app review and certification is spurring a healthy professional debate between physicians and highlighting pros and cons in how best to tap such tools while ensuring patient safety, data security and fostering greater app innovation.

Why mHealth apps require risk assessment, framework prior to use

Mobile healthcare apps pose "significant potential for harm," and require the development of a risk assessment model as well as a framework for supporting clinical use of apps, according to a new study by Warwick Medical School researchers.

Health IT stakeholders share ideas for boosting adoption

Various federal legislators and other healthcare leaders gathered to share their thoughts on the importance of technology's evolving role in improving patient care at the HIMSS National Health IT Week press conference in the District of Columbia on Thursday afternoon.