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Latest Headlines

ERs could shed light on police shootings

Hospital emergency departments have great potential as a potential source to shed light on police shootings, according to National Public Radio.

AHA: Explanation for two-midnight rule reductions doesn't cut it

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' justification for proposed inpatient payment cuts doesn't make the grade, according to the American Hospital Association.

Federal appeals court removes barrier for dual hospital classification

It may now be easier for hospitals to improve outcomes at lower costs by claiming both "urban" and "rural" status, thanks to a ruling by the 2 nd  U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

3 don'ts for physician leaders

As intelligent and talented as physicians are, their professional skill set does not automatically lend itself to strong leadership. By overcoming common traits that inhibit solid leadership, physicians can improve their odds of success as they take on increased responsibility for their teams, according to an article in  Forbes.

Central Ohio nonprofit hospitals provide less charity care but tax breaks remain

Central Ohio's nonprofit hospitals provide increasingly less uncompensated care, calling into question the rationale for the hundreds of millions they receive each year in tax breaks, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Poor communications kills patients, costs hospitals huge sums

Poor communication between physician practices and hospitals carries a steep price: more than 1,700 deaths and some $1.7 billion in costs, according to an analysis of medical malpractice claims filed between 2009 and 2013 by CRICO Strategies. 

Practice Fusion lays off one quarter of its workforce

San Francisco-based ambulatory care electronic health record vendor Practice Fusion has laid off 75 employees, about a quarter of its work force.

HHS announces reforms to Native American healthcare system

Federal officials have released a plan aimed at improving care in hospitals serving Native Americans in four Great Plains states, according to the Associated Press.

Bill would mandate drug-database checking in California

A California bill now headed to the Assembly would require prescribers to check the state's Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System drug monitoring program database when prescribing Schedule II or III drugs like oxycontin to a patient for the first time, and annually thereafter if the treatment continues.

UnitedHealth sues feds over Medicare Advantage overpayment rule

UnitedHealthcare and 40 other affiliated companies have sued the federal government in an attempt to change what they argue are unfair regulations governing Medicare Advantage overpayments.