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Latest Headlines

Hospital employee wellness programs have mixed impact

Hospitals and health systems have turned to employee wellness centers to address health issues such as obesity and smoking among their employees. But a new study suggests they might not produce consistent results.

Armed hospital guards may hurt, not help violence prevention

Spurred by a recent spike in the number of violent incidents against hospital staff and a rise in the number of hospital shootings, more and more U.S. hospitals are issuing weapons to security guards. However, as the New York Times reported, this has touched off a contentious debate as to whether guns in hospitals pose more of a threat to patients and visitors than the risk of armed intruders.

Physician shortage: Medical graduates who miss out on residency add to the problem

American medical schools have responded to the looming physician shortage by enrolling and graduating more medical students. But turning those graduates into licensed physicians who practice in areas experiencing high levels of need has turned out to be another issue entirely, according to an article in  The Conversation.

Doctor gets candid about his opioid addiction

Easy access to drugs, lack of sleep and the need to "shoulder everyone else's burdens" led Peter Grinspoon, M.D., a primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, down a path of an addiction to opioids, according to a recent  Boston Globe  article. 

'Nurse intuition' may play a role in critical-care outcomes

"Nurse intuition" doesn't sound scientific, but it could play a key role in critical-care outcomes, according to a study published in DovePress

Women leaders could boost hospital profits

The upper echelons of most industries are often thought of as a man's world, and healthcare is no exception. But new research from the Peterson Institute for International Economics and EY indicates women taking the reins could boost a hospital's bottom line.

A new way to evaluate docs: 'clusters'

As healthcare becomes more team-oriented, so should the way the industry evaluates physicians.  

Mergers and affiliations: Slow down and analyze carefully before signing a deal

The changing regulatory and competitive landscape of the healthcare industry make it tempting for physicians in independent practice to throw in the towel and join forces with a hospital or an affiliate group. When that temptation arises, it's essential to vet potential merger opportunities thoroughly and move deliberately, according to an article in  OncLive.

How to stop docs, nurses from coming to work sick

The vast majority of physicians and nurses report to work when they are sick in spite of the risk it poses to patients and other personnel. But it will take an institution-wide approach to stop the practice and encourage clinicians to stay home when they are ill, according to a study published in  JAMA Pediatrics.

The Quadruple Aim: Why providers must put the fourth target first

Several years ago, I was living in one of the so-called better parts of a city somewhat notorious for its miscreants. It didn't take long for the effects of crime and desperation to seep into...