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Physician suicide: 4 ideas to address the public health epidemic

Two of the men Pamela Wible, M.D., a family practice physician, dated in medical school took their own lives. Eight physicians in her small town committed suicide. Writ large, physician suicide is a public health issue: More than one million patients lose their physicians each year because those physicians take their own lives. In a recent interview with Christine Sinsky, M.D., from the American Medical Association, posted on the KevinMD blog, Wible offered several steps the medical community can take to help prevent additional physician suicides.

Deeper understanding of healthcare violence needed to prevent it

Rather than being reactive, healthcare professionals must understand the various reasons workplace violence occurs, according to an article by  StatNews.

3 ways to boost physician retention in a shortage

While not everyone agrees on the severity of the physician shortage, retaining physicians in today's competitive marketplace should be a top priority for hospitals, according to an article from  Healthcare Dive.  To recruit physicians who will stick around and keep the talented doctors you have, consider the following timely suggestions.

Patient email and texting: How to keep data safe

Patients may be hungry for easy electronic communications with their doctors, such as text messages and email, but practices are wise to consider the risks before they proceed.

RSNA 2015: Is this the year that radiology turns the corner?

"Innovation is the key to our future." That's the slogan for #RSNA15. Innovation--of course--can be interpreted in variety of ways, though. There is the scientific and technological...

How to tailor your management technique to employees' personalities

While different personality types bring different strengths and weaknesses, managers must vary their strategies to bring out individual employees' best qualities and overcome challenges. Here are three ways to manage the introverted and extroverted team members at your practice.

5 keys to an efficient physician practice redesign

It's becoming more and more apparent that physician practices must make some strategic changes to stay viable. But given the time, expense and disruption that practice reinvention creates, you want to make sure you get it right. Bruce Bagley, M.D., senior advisor to the professional satisfaction and practice sustainability effort at the American Medical Association, offers 5 ways to make make stratefic changes with greater efficiency. 

RSNA 2015: Leadership and management skill-building on radiology meeting agenda

What makes a successful radiology leader? From deciding whether it's time to retire to using LEAN principals to cut waste, attendees of the 2015 meeting of the Radiology Society of North America in Chicago have a bevy of leadership and management sessions to choose from.

The new nurse bully: Older nurses not always the culprits

Although research shows that new nurses tend to be victims of bullying by their older counterparts, a new blog on nurse bullying says that sometimes the reverse is true.

Interdisciplinary practice helps hospitals improve collaboration, outcomes

Interdisciplinary practice may help hospitals with efforts to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, according to