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Latest Headlines

3 potential physician shortage fixes

FierceHealthcare explores potential technological, legislative and educational fixes to the primary care physician shortage.

Risk calculators aid shared decision-making

Making a major medical decision is challenging for patients, with an increasingly complex list of factors to weigh, including everything from quality of life to financial expense. And while this process is highly influenced by  patients' emotions, new tools for physicians can use data to fairly accurately weigh the risks and benefits of many treatments and procedures.

Payer-provider collaborations seek to answer proton beam therapy questions

When it comes to high-pri ced clinical treatments with murky evidence of effectiveness, proton beam therapy  takes the cake. As hospitals rake in the profits, payers are left with the bill for a treatment that can cost $30, 000 more than other types of radiation therapies. 

Hospitals find new ways to cut costs through energy efficiencies

Demand response programs for energy consumption can help hospitals cut costs and save big bucks,  Healthcare Finance News   repo rted.

Aetna talks about closing CarePass, future mHealth plans

When Aetna announced it was shuttering its CarePass mobile platform by the end of the year, industry experts have been left wondering what caused the demise of CarePass and whether other insurers' mobile engagement initiatives could suffer a similar fate. To gain exclusive insight into Aetna's decision to close its CarePass mobile platform and learn where the company plans to take its mobile health strategy in the future, FierceHealthPayer spoke with Michael Palmer, Aetna's chief innovation & digital officer.

New Apple Watch: Should insurers foot the bill for popular but untested tech?

In an exclusive interview with  FierceHealthPayer,   Harry Greenspun, M.D., director of Deloitte's Center for Health Solutions, explains what technology like the new Apple watch means for payers.

Massachusetts General Hospital pilots asynchronous virtual visits for chronically ill

Chronically ill patients who typically see their physicians four or more times per year may benefit from an approach known as asynchronous virtual visits. 

PwC-led team to offer 'open source' EHR to DoD

PwC has joined forces with Medsphere, DSS, Inc. and General Dynamics Information Technology to vie for the coveted U.S. Department of Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization (DHMSM) electronic health record contract, and plans to merge "open source" software with commercial applications in its proposal, PwC has announced.

Molina Healthcare's new centralized procurement operation saves time, money

Accounts payable and the cloud may hold the secret to providing quality healthcare. In a  Fierce  exclusive, Bryce Berg of Molina Healthcare talks about how the organization's in-house centralized procurement operation keeps  admini strative costs  down while expanding staff and membership.

Why did Aetna pull the brakes on its CarePass mobile platform?

Since Aetna announced the closing of its CarePass mobile platform last month, industry experts have been trying to understand the cause of the breakdown, and whether the CarePass situation bodes badly for other insurer-led mobile engagement initiatives,  MobiHealthNews  reported.