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Latest Headlines

VA: More education needed on Blue Button initiative

Only one-third of veterans are taking advantage of "Blue Button" capabilities to access the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' personal health record portal, My HealtheVet, but those who do so are pleased with it, according to a study published recently in the  Journal of the American Informatics Association.

Rand: Stress value with new medical technology

The federal government should provide incentives for pharmaceutical companies and device makers to produce products that help cut spending and ensure that the benefits of costlier advances justify their added expense, according to a new Rand Corp. report.

HIT data breaches top patient safety concern

Data integrity failures within health IT systems and care coordination top the list of this year's patient safety concerns, according to the ECRI Institute's "Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations."  

How to make a 15-minute visit count

Despite physicians' and patients' increased dissatisfaction with rushed appointments, studies show that the length of doctors' visits has actually increased slightly since the rise of managed care in the 1990s,  Kaiser Health News  reports.

Filling in the blanks in population health

Hospitals are trying to manage population health using incredibly incomplete data--in some cases, data from an inpatient visit perhaps once a year, writes Paul Roemer, CEO of Pale Rhino Consulting in...

Self-assessment study finds need to better educate patients

A study of an Internet-based health risk assessment illustrates the need to better educate patients at risk for coronary heart disease (CHD), according to an article at the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

MVP Health: Centralize data for a competitive advantage

One of the greatest assets to a health insurer is all the data it amasses. But the information won't do any good if it's disorganized and unsystematic. MVP Health Care decided it was fed up...

BlackBerry, NantHealth team up on healthcare smartphone, mobile platform

BlackBerry and cloud-based medical IT vendor NantHealth are joining forces to develop a mobile version of NantHealth's certified clinical platform as well as a smartphone specifically for the...

Hospitals post doctor ratings on websites

When a few doctors at the University of Utah Health Care read bad online reviews about themselves, they took matters into their own hands and started posting patients' reviews of facility doctors on their own hospital's website,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

Report: Use Stage 3 to create a robust health data infrastructure

Meaningful Use Stage 3 should embrace interoperability at its core to foster creation of a truly interoperable health data infrastructure, according to a report conducted by JASON, an independent group of scientists that advises the U.S. government on science and technology.