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Latest Headlines

Why healthcare providers can't back down on SGR repeal

While there is no guarantee it will pass, there is hope that lawmakers' latest proposal to repeal the Sustainable Growth Rate formula will succeed. As with past attempts to do away with the formula, the $210 billion price tag, only $70 billion of which would be offset, is the key hurdle that may prevent Congress from passing the legislation, according to  FierceHealthFinance.

Nearly all who got tax credits for insurance in 2014 must reconcile their claims

As many as 95 percent of Americans will need to reconcile the advance premium tax credits they received to obtain health insurance in 2014, and the average amount of money in question is close to $775, according to a new issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Retailers and PCPs: Rocky relationships persist

Retail clinics entered the healthcare marketplace over a decade ago, but physician offices' strategy surrounding them continues to be a work in progress, according to an article from  Medscape Today.

The pros and cons of in-office pharmacies

It's difficult for practices to ensure patients' medication adherence as patients often fail to fill or take prescriptions as directed for several reasons, with physicians often learning of the problem after a consequence occurs. But some practices have had success with in-office pharmacies.

Horizon New Jersey CEO: Out-of-network providers cost us millions

Out-of-network providers are taking advantage of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Chronic care management: 4 steps to implementation

Medicare's new chronic care management program offers practices of all specialties a major opportunity to reap revenue from services they've thus far provided for free. With 1,000 qualified patients, a practice could earn an additional $511,200 per year, noted an article from  Medscape.

Survey: Most practices to implement chronic care management within a year

Despite lingering challenges, most providers plan to take advantage of Medicare's new code for chronic care management (CCM), according to preliminary results of a survey conducted by population health technology developer Kryptiq.

5 truths about physician practice management

Wow. There is no other word for my newfound perspective on what practice managers actually do. Just wow. Last week, I spent about three hours behind the scenes at a mid-sized independent primary...

Network confusion can lead to angry patients, practice headaches

Finding out whether a physician is in a patient's insurance network is more complicated than meets the eye, leaving practices to sort out the confusion following an unexpected bill for high out-of-network rates, according to an article from  Kaiser Health News.

How to work with patients to improve high-deductible collections

There's no question: High deductibles change the landscape in which physician practices provide care. Though the challenges are vast when it comes to educating patients, training employees and updating policies to keep collections strong in the era of consumer-directed care, a recent article from  Medical Economics  offers several strategies to ease the strain.