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Latest Headlines

How not to talk to patients about obesity

Despite the prevalence of overweight and weight-related disease in the United States, "most healthcare providers recoil when they think about counseling patients about obesity," according to Scott Kahan, M.D., medical director of the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Obesity Alliance.

Merger madness continues: Aetna close to acquiring Humana

Buoyed by the Supreme Court's decision to uphold federal health insurance subsidies, the country's largest insurers have once again set their sights on consolidation.  

Chronic care management: Docs say hassles trump rewards

Despite providers' enthusiasm for the potential to get paid for non-face-to-face care-coordination activities, participation in formal chronic care management (CCM) has thus far proven to be too cumbersome for many to be worthwhile.

Anthem won't back down on bid to take over Cigna

Though Cigna has publicly rebuked its takeover offer, Anthem indicated it will not be deterred in its quest to acquire its fellow health insurer.

To recoup losses, nonprofit insurer eyes crowded commercial market

Boston-based Neighborhood Health Plan, best known for managing the care of low-income Medicaid patients, is accelerating a push into the crowded large-employer market.

Cigna, Anthem trade barbs over 'deeply disappointing' takeover bid

Cigna officially rejected Anthem's takeover bid on Sunday, saying its board of directors is "deeply disappointed" with Anthem's recent negotiating tactics amid increasingly tense talks between the two health insurers.  

Louisiana providers at odds over commercially insured patients

An anti-trust battle is brewing in Shreveport, Louisiana, between the operator of LSU hospitals and a community health system that already has a large market share in the area. 

Which CEO would get biggest golden parachute in health insurer merger?

The chief executives of three of the major U.S. health insurers currently locked in merger maneuvering have a lot to gain if takeover bids for their companies come to fruition, Bloomberg reports

HHS expands transitional reinsurance program to cover 100 percent of some high-cost claims

The federal government will now reimburse health insurance companies for 100 percent of a certain category of high-cost claims, the Department of Health and Human Services announced.

How integrated technology can drive private practice success

Over the past few years, there are few trends that have affected the world of practice management more than hospital employment. The numbers are substantial, with some reports predicting that up to...