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Latest Headlines

California creates $1.1B deficit with failed healthcare tax

After failing to devise a way to replace the state's managed care organization tax, California lawmakers are facing a $1.1 billion hole in next year's health budget,  Kaiser Health   News  reports.

3 reasons not to fear UnitedHealth's ACA exchange woes

While UnitedHealth Group's recently soured outlook on the Affordable Care Act exchanges left the industry reeling, predictions that it could spell the end of the healthcare reform law may be premature, according to one expert.

Why 2016 will be pivotal in practices' transition to value-based care [Interview]

The past year has been full of changes that will affect physician practices for years to come. For insights into what will matter most to practices in 2016, we turned to Reid Blackwelder, M.D., immediate past president of the American Academy of Family Physicians. In an exclusive interview with  FiercePracticeManagement, Blackwelder shared his thoughts on the impact of the shift to value-based care in general and the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act in particular.

Report: Double-digit ACA premium hike predictions overestimated

Predictions of widespread double-digit premium rate increases for consumers purchasing health insurance through the state marketplaces were overestimated, according to a report from the nonprofit Urban Institute. 

Insurers, manufacturers consider compromise in drug-price debate

Drug makers and insurance companies may finally be leaning toward some form of mutual understanding and compromise about rising prescription prices, according to  STAT News.

Medicare bundled payment project could guide other payers' strategies

Through its bundled payments pilot program, the Medicare program is currently testing models that it hopes will encourage higher-quality, lower-cost care and ultimately influence how other payers design their own alternative payment models, according to a policy brief from  Health Affairs.  

Expiring Medicare bonus incentive puts increased pressure on physicians' margins

The expiration of a Medicare incentive program aimed at primary care physicians will hurt margins in some practices, according to an article in  Kaiser Health News, though the overall effect on the Medicare market remains unclear.

Groups want to keep limits on risk corridor payouts to insurers

Despite news that the nation's largest health insurer is struggling to make a profit on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, some conservative groups want to continue limiting the government's ability to cushion the companies' losses.

The fine print: No raise for Medicare docs in 2016

If physician executives and hospital leaders have not yet read all 1,358 pages of Medicare's 2016 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule, there is one finding that is essential for them to understand, writes  Kent Bottles, M.D.,  a lecturer at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health and chief medical officer of PYA Analytics, in a post for  Hospital Impact.

GAO: New drugs account for highest costs in Medicare Part B

After examining the expenditures on the five highest-cost Medicare Part B drugs, a report by the Government Accountability Office found that high costs were concentrated among a small number of drugs and conditions.