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Latest Headlines

Pioneer ACO program loses three more participants

Despite early success among some of the Medicare Pioneer Accountable Care Organization program, four more hospital systems recently dropped out, leaving just 19 of the original 32 organizations, according to an article in the  Wall Street Journal.

Rural hospitals left behind in push for accountability

Rural providers have been largely left out of the healthcare industry's shift toward accountability, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Specialized ambulance offers life-saving transport for dying patients

Seton Medical Center introduced a specially equipped ambulance to transport and save dying patients,  KXAN  news in Austin, Texas reported. 

Hospitals must define patient experience

In my most recent  Hospital Impact  blog, I reinforced the simple, but significant need to focus on three Ps of patient experience, offering that at the core of this idea is the central purpose on which an organization builds its experience effort.

To fix healthcare, go back to business basics

To fix the problems within the healthcare system, healthcare leaders must look internally to run their organizations more like businesses, Premier President and CEO Susan DeVore told Forbes.

How to build a successful bundled payment program

As the health insurance industry continues its shift toward a value-based reimbursement system, more payers are experiencing with bundled payments. Though still relatively experiential, the model "has probably the most promise," Andréa Caballero, program director for Catalyst for Payment Reform, told  FierceHealthPayer  in an exclusive interview.

Hospital security planning will play part in containing Ebola virus

Hospital security policies and personnel can play a huge role in preventing the spread of the Ebola epidemic that is raging on in West Africa, according to an article at

Report: Hospitals will save $5.7B on uncompensated care

Hospitals' uncompensated care costs fell nearly $6 billion in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Hospitals innovate design strategies to improve patient experience

Hospitals increasingly pay attention to design and physical space as a factor in patient experience, according to  U.S. News & World Report.

Post-operative pain leads to less sleep, longer hospital stays

Patients who experience more pain after surgery reported poor sleep while they were in the hospital, often resulting in longer length of stays, according to a study announcement from researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.