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Latest Headlines

3 best practices for giving patients bad news

There is no one right or wrong way to tell a patient troubling news, but there are some best practices and common mistakes to avoid, according to an article from  Medscape. Before the next serious conversation you have with a patient or family members, consider the following doctor-to-doctor advice.

Physician tips to boost patient compliance

Physicians have little control over how well patients take care of themselves at home, acknowledged Elizabeth Pector, M.D., a family medicine physician based in Naperville, Illinois, in a recent article for  Medical Economics.  The following techniques are among those Pector has found most effective in motivating patients to follow recommendations.

How to make patients antibiotic stewards

There are several reasons antibiotic resistance has become the epidemic it is today, including patient demand, physician uncertainty of diagnosis and time pressure that makes writing prescriptions easier than educating patients about why they're unnecessary, writes Kevin Pho, M.D., in a blog post for  MedPage. However, physicians can get patients themselves to participate in antibiotic stewardship with the following strategies.

Fear tactics not necessarily helpful to public health, researchers say

Scare tactics may be effective in getting people, particularly women, to improve unhealthy behavior in the short-term, but not over time, according to research published in the American Psychological Association's  Psychological Bulletin.

What makes practicing medicine worth it?

Have you ever read an acquaintance's Facebook status at the end of a long, thankless day, and it sticks with you and makes you think for weeks afterward? Me neither. At least not usually. But...

Celebrating 5 years of FiercePracticeManagement!

On this day in 2010, the first iPads had gone on sale and Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" was the top song on the radio. Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act had just become law, the Sustainable Growth Rate was still wreaking havoc and I was compiling the first-ever issue of  FiercePracticeManagement.

Patient experience tip: Forget customer service and show sincerity

It's been seven weeks since my odyssey to heal a badly fractured wrist began, and I'm happy to report that it's just about over. Through this journey, I've made stops to numerous...

Network confusion can lead to angry patients, practice headaches

Finding out whether a physician is in a patient's insurance network is more complicated than meets the eye, leaving practices to sort out the confusion following an unexpected bill for high out-of-network rates, according to an article from  Kaiser Health News.

'Slow medicine' concept continues to simmer

The idea of spending more quiet time conversin g with patients  versus darting through checklists  seems to be catching on. In fact, an entire movement known as "slow medicine" has gained physician devotees from various career stages,  NPR  rep orted.

3 ways to boost health insurance literacy

If the average patient's ability to understand medical information is poor, the U.S. public's comprehension of the current healthcare/insurance system is in dire need of improvement.