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Latest Headlines

How to use social media to enhance customer service

Out of all the industries included in Twitter's customer service data, tweets aimed at healthcare organizations grew by the highest percentage (132 percent) between March 2013 and February 2015. What's more, Facebook and Twitter are no longer just marketing tools, but an extension of businesses' customer relationship management.

More secure-messaging systems needed to meet patient demand

Patient demand for easy electronic access to their healthcare providers continues to rise, but practices have more work to do in adopting communications technologies and engaging people in using them.

4 online healthcare marketing mistakes and how to fix them

While the nuances of online marketing can be complicated and sometimes require outside expertise, practices can correct many common mistakes themselves.   

Facebook sets its sights on healthcare industry

Following in the footsteps of tech companies like Apple and Google, Facebook has also set its sights on healthcare.

Joseph Kvedar: Facebook, texting show benefits of connected health

Connected health holds the potential to improve patient care experiences and, subsequently, quality of life, according to Joseph Kvedar, founder and director of Partners HealthCare's Center for Connected Health in Boston.

3 social media woes and how practices should handle them

Although social media can drastically improve practices' ability to communicate with patients and potential patients, some organizations continue to hold out in fear of privacy issues and other problems. No communication tool is perfect, but there are strategies to use them wisely.

3 free ways to please employees

Keeping employees happy and motivated doesn't have to break the bank. A recent MonsterThinking.com post offered three free (or cost saving) ways to keep staff motivated: 

Facebook founder's Internet.org initiative has potential for mHealth

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last week a new initiative, Internet.org, with the lofty goal of bringing web access to five billion people throughout the developing world. In...

Smartphone video game to speed cancer research with help of 'citizen scientists'

Tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google are joining forces with a British charity to produce a mobile-based video game designed to accelerate research into cancer-fighting drugs, according to a...

How not to handle rude patient behavior

If you ultimately decide that dismissing the patient is the best path for both of you, be sure to provide adequate notice and referral to another doctor to avoid running afoul of patient-abandonment laws.