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Latest Headlines

Big data's burgeoning healthcare role causes increased legal, ethical concerns

From Facebook to the doctor's office, our information is continually being collected and analyzed. Now the question lies in what data should be accessible, and by whom.

Nurse's firing over Instagram photo spurs social media debate

This week  FierceHealthcare  covered a story that struck a nerve with readers, raising questions about social media use, HIPAA, the bias shown to doctors versus nurses and firing practices at hospitals.  In case you missed it, an  emergency room (ER) nurse in New York w as fired after posting a photo of an empty trauma room after clinicians saved the life of a man hit by a subway train.

Nurse's firing highlights importance of social media discretion

The firing of a New York City nurse for her social media use has reaffirmed the hazards of healthcare workers bringing their work online, according to ABC News.

3 social media woes and how practices should handle them

Although social media can drastically improve practices' ability to communicate with patients and potential patients, some organizations continue to hold out in fear of privacy issues and other problems. No communication tool is perfect, but there are strategies to use them wisely.

Doc jokes on social media may have real-world implications

Although jokes at the expense of doctors and hospitals aren't new, researchers who looked at the popularity of the one-liners on Facebook say the study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research provides insight into the use of social networking sites for research related to health and medicine.

3 free ways to please employees

Keeping employees happy and motivated doesn't have to break the bank. A recent MonsterThinking.com post offered three free (or cost saving) ways to keep staff motivated: 

Docs increasingly monitoring online reviews

Cognizant that online reviews increasingly are swaying patient decisions about medical care, more and more doctors are monitoring such reviews about themselves, according to the results of a new physician survey.

Mount Sinai hires Facebook whiz to crunch big data

Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York is employing Facebook's first data scientist to spearhead data-crunching techniques he once used to target online advertisements for predictive healthcare.

3 ways to get docs to use hospital social media

Doctors are crucial to hospitals' marketing and social media strategies but organizations across the country struggle to get their physicians to use social media.

Do patients put too much stock in online research?

U.S. consumers spend roughly 52 hours a year--one hour per week--searching online for health information, while in-person doctor visits occur three times annually, according to a new survey conducted by healthcare marketing firm Makovsky Health and research consultancy Kelton.