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SGR deal prompts unprecedented praise from AMA, AAFP

Physician groups across the country applaud a proposal to repeal Medicare's sustainable growth rate formula and urge legislators to pass the measure before the end of March when the current Medicare payment formula extension expires, according to  Forbes  columnist Bruce Japsen.

Fiscal cliff law shifts Medicare cuts to hospitals

The president today signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 into law to stave off the fiscal cliff, the Associated Press reported, but the last-minute deal between Congress has left hospitals dismayed.

Obama signs Medicare doc fix

Providers can breathe a sigh of relief (at least temporarily), as President Obama on Wednesday signed legislation (H.R. 3630) that includes a 10-month doc fix, averting a 27.4 percent reduction in

Physicians unsettled by temporary doc fix

In case you missed it, Congress approved a doc-fix measure last Friday that will avert the scheduled 27.4 percent Medicare cut to physicians, but only until the end of the year. With the relief once

Congress reaches doc fix deal; hospitals jeer cuts

Congress approved a deal this morning, averting the proposed 27.4 percent Medicare cut to physicians for 10 months, but hospitals are booing the funding cuts to hospital services that are intended to

Sustainable growth rate at a stalemate

Just weeks before the 27 percent cut to Medicare physician payments is scheduled to take effect, House and Senate negotiators remain deadlocked over how to resolve the sustainable growth rate (SGR)

Doc groups push SGR repeal to be funded by war savings

Congress should use money allocated for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), a budget line no longer needed for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, to help fund a permanent fix to the sustainable growth

Providers blast Congress for leaving SGR fix in limbo

The House yesterday voted 229 to 193 against Senate-approved legislation that would delay Medicare's scheduled 27 percent physician pay cut for two months as part of a payroll-tax extension. With a

Waiting for 'doc fix' becoming an unpleasant holiday tradition

Last year around the holidays, doctors were looking at a Medicare pay cut of about 20 percent, The Washington Post reminisces in an article, calling the "doc fix" a recurring symbol of the

MedPAC votes for SGR repeal, specialists dissaprove

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) has approved a replacement to the 15-year-old sustainable growth rate (SGR) payment formula for physicians, although pushback is already occurring