Webinar: Fixing critical revenue-cycle leaks for small medical practices

Date: Now Available On-Demand |  Duration: 1 hour

Hosted by:
Debra Beaulieu, Editor,

Small physician practices are struggling more than ever to maintain profitably. In fact, more than a quarter of practices with 10 or fewer physicians may close within a year, according to a recent survey

But some small practices have proven it’s possible to thrive in these challenging times. To do so requires a diligent commitment to improving business operations, specifically with regard to revenue cycle functions.

This webinar will examine the most common causes of revenue cycle leaks and offer proven methods to seal them up for good. Potential topics may include:
  • How to optimize every point of your revenue cycle, from appointment-setting to collecting on past-due accounts
  • A review of common billing and denials-management deficiencies and how to fix them
  • Tips for managing the increasingly prevalent bucket of self-pay collections
  • Strategies for boosting time-of-service collections
  • How to hire and train employees who take true ownership and responsibility over the practice's revenue cycle success


Paula Comm, MA, LCPC, Practice Administrator, PRA Behavioral LLC


Brandon Betancourt, Business Director, Salud Pediatrics



Sean Troklus, Account Executive, ZirMed