The role of retail clinics in population health

Looking ahead, retail health clinics and patient centered medical homes will work in concert to help with population health and chronic disease management, Peter Goldbach, M.D., chief medical officer of RediClinic and Health Dialog, said in an interview with HealthITAnalytics.

4 ways to streamline your practice planning style

Recently, we discussed the importance of defining your practice culture as a means to hire the right kind of people and help newcomers carry out your company values. We can't forget, though,...

More docs take charge of their health and happiness, survey suggests

Physicians' demanding work often makes it difficult to practice the lifestyle and self-care that they recommend to patients. Respondents to a recent survey from Physicians Practice, however, rated their overall health, happiness and habits as well above average.

Patient trust, perception of teamwork drives practice loyalty

If you conduct regular patient surveys--as experts recommend--one of the most important metrics to watch is patients' likelihood of recommending your practice to others.

Outpatient surgery riskier for elders lacking social support

Older patients are significantly more likely than their younger counterparts to end up in the hospital following outpatient surgery, according to new research out of Northwestern University, but there are ways physicians can reduce this risk, reported U.S. News & World Report.

New program to test virtual reality in curbing antibiotic overuse

A new simulation program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio program, will allow physicians to participate in interactive role play to help reduce antibiotic overuse. 

Demand up for independent second-opinion services

Many experts encourage patients to look outside of their institution or healthcare network for second opinions, increasing the demand for independent online services dedicated specifically to providing patients with another perspective on their diagnosis, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Lessons from outside-the-box medical practices

When we hear the terms "doctor's office" or "medical practice," most of us probably picture rows of generically upholstered chairs, pastel-hued reception counters, exam...

Pioneer ACO Atrius Health offers tips on community partnerships, sharing best practices

In a second of a two-part Fierce exclusive interview, Emily Brower, vice president of population health for Atrius Health, discusses the shared learning experiences the organization has had as a Pioneer ACO and the importance of developing partnerships to ensure care coordination. 

4 social media trends your practice may have missed

Social media is the most important factor in managing your practice's brand today, according to a post from Physicians Practice. But despite the multitude of benefits that practices have realized by having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites patients access every day, the "rules" for optimizing the tool are a moving target.

Doctor support is essential to patient weight loss

Obese patients who partner with their primary care physicians to lose weight achieve double the results of those who get their support elsewhere, according to a study from Johns Hopkins University published in Patient Education & Counseling.

3 reasons practice embezzlement persists

Many physician practices leaders believe their trusted employees would never steal from them, but statistics show that embezzlement is far more common than most doctors realize. 

Is your disability insurance specific enough?

To protect their income in the event of an injury or illness, it isn't enough for physicians to simply carry disability insurance. Before purchasing a policy, doctors must read the fine print to ensure the insurance will truly fill its purpose, according to an article from Physicians News Digest.

3 ways to get your OSHA compliance up to speed

Physician practices have a lot of regulatory responsibilities to juggle, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance measures, which ensure a safe working environment, too often become a dangerously low priority, according to a recent article from Medical Practice Insider.

Is your practice culture well-defined?

Unlike in years past, this summer I went on vacation--in the respect that I actually left town at least--albeit with some work in tow. It wasn't getting up early to write a few mornings that was...

Career tips for both sides of the generational divide

For the first time in human history, workplaces now have five generations of employees working side-by-side. Columnists from Inc. Magazine offer advice for members of all generations to more effectively meet one another in the middle.

3 payer negotiation strategies to protect your practice

Here are three negotiation strategies that practices can consider when working with health insurers. 


ACOs not necessarily worth the effort now, researcher says

With the movement toward value-based care still not dramatically changing how physicians are paid, joining an accountable care organization may not be a matter of urgency for most practices, according to an article from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

MGH teaches docs empathy to improve outcomes, reduce risk

The high-pressure environment of medical school may leave many doctors with less empathy than they had starting out, which can lead to uncomfortable encounters that actually exacerbate their symptoms.

Outbreaks drive temporary bump in vaccine acceptance

In the wake of recent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as the Disneyland measles outbreak, more parents are agreeing to immunize their children, according to survey data from Medscape.