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How to recharge when you can't get a break: Take one

Have you ever caught yourself lamenting to a friend, "It's been a long week," and realized it's only Tuesday? This winter vortex, which is actually more like a black hole, is...

5 truths about physician practice management

Wow. There is no other word for my newfound perspective on what practice managers actually do. Just wow. Last week, I spent about three hours behind the scenes at a mid-sized independent primary...

You may not know it all, but you are an expert

If you ask me, being well-versed in your own challenges, goals and lessons learned in hindsight makes each and every one of you an expert. 

3 ways to stop the spread of burnout

As medical providers, you know how rapidly germs can spread and cause illness. You know the sneaky ways they tag along on even the uninfected to ensure proliferation of disease--as well as simple but effective strategies for keeping them contained. But these pathogens aren't the only contagion in your office. The equally grave conditions of burnout and pessimism, as FiercePracticeManagement reported last week, have now consumed nearly half of the U.S. physician workforce.

Disaster plans are a moving target: 4 areas to update

As of this morning, the snow in Boston has stopped, the travel ban has been lifted and the kids have another full day off from school. With snow totals of up to two-and-a-half feet, Blizzard 2015...

Is your physician practice reliable? (Hint: It's a yes or no question)

Of all of the qualities that are important to me with a medical office, an employer or a friend, reliability (and its cousin, trustworthiness) rank near the top. But while most people understand the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" concept as it pertains to honesty, individuals and organizations often underrate consistency as a prerequisite to reliability.

How to make the most out of employee mistakes

People make mistakes. In life, in business, it happens. The ways in which managers and organizations respond to employee errors, however, are as varied as the types of mistakes there are to make. A...

5 physician practice predictions for 2015

Making predictions is an inexact science. But a good starting point comes from something my dad used to say: The best way to gauge what the weather is going to be like tomorrow is to look out the window today. Statistically, he'd go on to explain, climate changes happen far less frequently than simply seeing more of the same. This notion applies strongly when attempting to forecast what's in store for physician practices in 2015

Embezzlement prevention: 3 tools to promote trust

You may not realize this, but one of the ways I select the articles to cover in each issue of FiercePracticeManagement is by monitoring Google alerts for keywords such as "physician...

Why the physician-patient relationship is not one-on-one

There's a coincidental theme running through a few of this week's top stories, and it has to do with the challenge of relating to patients when they're not quite themselves. Let's...