Obesity: Docs find effective weight-loss programs are elusive

Although the healthcare industry recognizes obesity as an epidemic, so far it is unable to slow its rate of advance. Now, despite the development of guidelines for weight management, a study in Obesity suggests clinicians may have a problem finding programs that use them.

4 considerations for your practice's online presence

A disgruntled former patient who created a website to impersonate his surgeon's online presence. Plastic surgery practices posting the work of another plastic surgeon on their websites. These are just two reasons you must be careful when you set up an online presence to market your physician practice, according to a recent Medscape article.

A new way to evaluate docs: 'clusters'

As healthcare becomes more team-oriented, so should the way the industry evaluates physicians.


Mergers and affiliations: Slow down and analyze carefully before signing a deal

The changing regulatory and competitive landscape of the healthcare industry make it tempting for physicians in independent practice to throw in the towel and join forces with a hospital or an affiliate group. When that temptation arises, it's essential to vet potential merger opportunities thoroughly and move deliberately, according to an article in OncLive.

Fearing state action, Illinois doctors hesitant to prescribe medical marijuana

In Illinois, sales of medical marijuana began in November, but doctors fear the state will discipline them if they prescribe it to their patients. 


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The head of one of the nation's foremost healthcare consulting firms has a list of tasks hospitals should accomplish in 2016--and cost reduction and the shift to value-based care tops the list.


Providers in Puerto Rico could potentially see some financial relief in the coming weeks, as the Obama Administration has proposed $30 billion in additional Medicaid funding for the island over the next decade, The Washington Post has reported.